Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Bridge is Coming Down

Some Cooksville ladies went for a walk yesterday and noticed that work has begun on the project to dismantle the Leedle Mill Bridge just north of Cooksville. I must be getting old. I don't like to see things change, even if it will mean easier access for some of the neighbors. That's assuming another bridge is to be built. Guess there are no guarantees there.

To learn more about the bridge's story, see the recent blog post called "Bridge to History" on this site (

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Light on the Prairie: Outdoor Neon/ Illuminated Art Exhibition

50 artists from Wisconsin and across the nation installed their art for two nights on the prairie, combining art and nature. The event was open to the public at no charge. The works were illuminated each evening and the artists were on hand to discuss their work as well as to sell examples in some cases. Sponsored by Preserve Our Rural Landscape. Location: 261 State Road 138, Stoughton, WI (4 miles south of Stoughton and 2 miles north of Cooksville.)