Thursday, August 11, 2016

Join Us for an Evening of Story and Song in Cooksville

Fendrick and Peck, a folk duo, will perform at Cooksville Farmhouse Inn's English Barn on Friday, September 9th at 7:30 pm.  They are local artists with roots in Stoughton, WI and have performed all across the country.

Skip Anderson, winner of the 2015 Best Music Writing Award, states, "Fendrick & Peck harken back to the glory days of American folk music—stringed and strong. With inventive songsmithing and well-paired vocals...the duo reminds us why the genre continues to redefine its glorious, and refreshingly humble, relevance." 

Check out the performers at their website to listen to their music:

A suggested donation of $20 is much appreciated for the performers, but not required, especially for families with children.  Dress for the weather because the barn has "farmer stained glass" and is not weather-proof.  For more information call (608) 772-2550.

"Fendrick & Peck are future legends and presently merely amazing with their originals and occasional covers.”–The Coffee House (Milwaukee, WI)
Fendrick and Peck's Lucky Penny was selected as CD of the week by DJ Rich Warren of the Midnight Special Nov. 28, 2015 (Chicago, IL).

"Fendrick and Peck are a hard traveling, neo-traditionalist folk duo....  They released Lucky Penny this year, and it is one of my favorites of the year." -Ear To The Ground Music Blog, 2015 (Nashville, TN)

English Barn, Degner property, 138 & 59 in Cooksville
Farmer Stained Glass
"Perhaps one of the most talked about acts to appear at NERFA this year was the duo of Fendrick and Peck. There was a “buzz” generated by their performance on Thursday night that built all weekend. Folk radio mainstay Mary Cliff from Washington DC met this duo and invited them to come to NERFA. Wisconsin natives, currently residing in Nashville, Fendrick and Peck are the contemporary embodiment of what makes American folk music so intriguing. Their original songs could easily be confused for ancient ballads that were treasured by folk song collectors during the folk revival. There is a refreshing old time sensibility to their songs that can easily be accessed by contemporary audiences. Madeline Fendrick has a gorgeous voice and a delightful sense of humor that wins over audiences. Brian Peck displays a respectful understanding of the traditions that can be found in his instrumentals as well as his songwriting. It is encouraging to find new artists like this and I hope they will get support from the folk community so that we can have more chances to witness their performances." -Ron Olesko's Folk Music Notebook